Getting Help

For a getting-started tutorial, detailed documentation and more in-depth tutorials please visit the directories FPLO<version>/DOC contained in the FPLO release. The help screens of xfplo and xfbp are contained in the documentation (in case the on-screen help does not work). Also, note the on-screen help in the input editor fedit.

Further helpfull information can be found in the Archive of the fplo-users mailling list first. You are welcome to join the mailing list to take part in the discussions about FPLO.

Contact to the FPLO Team

If you have any question about FPLO® which has not been answered in the documentation or by addressing the mailing list, send an email to Manuel Richter (m.richter at the domain

Technical support

In the case you have any problems concerning downloading or installation please send an email to Ulrike Nitzsche (u.nitzsche at the domain