Developer team

The FPLO code has been developed at IFW Dresden (Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics, Group Numerical Solid State Physics and Simulation).

Collaboration with MPI CPfS is gratefully acknowledged.

From FPLO-7 on essential ideas by Bernhard Delley, PSI Villingen, were incorporated.

Principal developer: Klaus Koepernik

Major contributions (alphabetic order):

  • Igor Chaplygin (LSDA+U module)
  • Arthur Ernst (OPW: precursor code)
  • Helmut Eschrig †2012 (strategy; OLCAO: precursor code)
  • Claire Loison (Optical spectra module)
  • Vivien Lorenz (dHvA module)
  • Ulrike Nitzsche (Compiler and migration issues, hardware)
  • Ingo Opahle (4-component relativistic version)
  • Alim Ormeci (ELF and GGA modules, ELF not yet public)
  • Helge Rosner (critical application and testing)
  • Manuel Richter (strategy; RLCAO: precursor code)
  • Ferenc Tasnadi (Slab- and rod-versions, not yet public)

Further contributions, suggestions, and error reports by many collegues. Special thanks to Bernard Delley.